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Zoom Rooms

Zoom Room Direction 

  • No cables are necessary to connect to the screen
  • To begin your meeting, use the iPad located to the left of the TV
  • The bar on the left hand side of the iPad allows you to start your zoom meeting or start sharing a screen from your device
  • Your screen can be shared from your PC, apple, or android device using a web browser or the zoom app

Connecting to your Meeting

Meet Now

  • Zoom Rooms can be used to start a new quick meeting 


  • Join a previously scheduled zoom meeting


  • Share a presentation to the screen with no remote participants

Navigation in the Zoom Room app is accomplished using the bar on the left-hand side of the screen.

Meet Now

  • Meet Now: If you have not previously scheduled a zoom meeting in your account you can use the  button to start a meeting.
    • To start a meeting click the Meet Now on the left navigation bar if not already selected, then set the amount of time needed for the meeting at the bottom of the screen.  This will not stop the meeting this time is just for scheduling. Then click the green meet now button to start. 
  • Once you have started the meeting with Meet Now or joined a meeting using the Join button the iPad switches to a control interface that allows you to select the layout of the screen, start or stop audio or video, choose to share content, invite participants, and start recording of the meeting
  • Recordings are saved to the zoom account of the host of the meeting. If you need to record a meeting please make sure and set your meeting in zoom ahead of time so the meeting is correctly stored in your account.

Sharing Content on the TV

  • To share your screen on the TV press the Share content button
  • This brings up the share screen window.
  • If the zoom app is already installed on your machine open it and select share screen and enter the Sharing key displayed on the TV. You can also share your screen by going to and entering the shown meeting ID
  • If you have a Mac/iPhone/iPad connected to Eduroam that you wish to share content you  can share your screen using Airplay
  • To use airplay first select the iPhone/iPad/Mac option from the Presentation tab or from the Share Screen Window
  • On your mac go to System Preferences and open the Displays options.
  • At the bottom of the displays window you will see AirPlay Display. Select the correct display with name corresponding to the conference room you are using.
  •  To connect using your iPad or iPhone open your control center by swiping down from the upper-right corner of the screen. Then press on screen mirroring and select the conference room you are using.