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Zoom Meetings

Schedule a Meeting in advance

  • On the left-hand side of the page, select Meetings
  • Select Schedule a New Meeting
  • Enter  the appropriate information
    • When selecting a time and duration it is recommended that you start the time between 15 and 30 minutes before your meeting starts. Duration should be long enough to cover this early start and the entirety of your meeting
  • Select a Purpose for your meeting from dropdown
  • Click on  Save

Send meeting invitation for a schedule meeting

  • After saving the meeting it will open the page for your meeting
  • Under  Invite Attendees. There are two options for inviting attendees:
    • Copy the link next to Join URL and send this to your participants
    • Click Copy the Invitation. This will populate a premade message for you to send to your attendees. You can copy and send this to your participants

Login into Zoom Meeting and join a meeting

  • If you have the Zoom Client installed
    • Logging into the Zoom client is different from logging into the web portal, but both require Virginia Tech's two-factor authentication
    • Open the Zoom client
    • Click on Sign in
    • On the right, choose Sign In with SSO
  • Type  virginiatech as your company domain, and click Continue
  • Enter your PID and password, and click Login
  • Authenticate with your second factor
  • Click on Open Zoom Meeting
open zoom meeting
  • Click Join
  • Enter the meeting ID
    • The nine-digit number at the end of the join URL -

Starting a scheduled Zoom Meeting

  • If you have the Zoom Client installed
    • Open Zoom
    • Select Join a Meeting
  • Enter your meeting ID
    - The nine digit number at the end of the join URL
  • Enter  Meeting ID

Participants need to do to join Meeting

Your participants should only need to click the link that one have previously sent them. This will prompt them to install the Zoom client if they have not used it previously but it is a quick and simple download. Once this is installed, they will be into the meeting automatically. 

Share your screen

  • From the Zoom client
    • During your Zoom meeting, click Share  on the bottom menu 
    • Select Screen
    • Click on Share
zoom share