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Video Conferencing

ICTAS has several conference rooms available with dedicated video conferencing systems to allow two or more parties real-time communication. 

Technical support is available with at least three business days notice before the start date of a video conference. Please contact the ICTAS IT staff if you require assistance


Building/Room Reservation contact email
Kelly Hall room 210 TBD
Kelly Hall room 221 TBD
Kelly Hall room 241 TBD
Kelly Hall room 310 TBD
Kelly Hall room 321 Jody Humphreys
Kelly Hall room 341 Jody Humphreys
Kelly Hall  room 421 TBD
Kelly Hall room 441 Jody Humphreys
ICTAS II room 164 TBD
NCFL 2005/2006 Susette Sowers
NCFL 2013 Susette Sowers

ICTAS I - Kelly Hall