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Phone and Data Services

Phone and Data Services

Network Infrastructure and Services (NI&S) is the service provider to VT for Phones, Ethernet, Wireless and Cell Phones.

What we need to help you

If you desire any of these services we can help to process the paperwork or work with the appropriate staff in your home department. In many cases within ICTAS facilities we work with the fiscal workers who have signature authority of the funds used to purchases services. If we do not have signature authority we can find the people who do and work with them to get you the services you need. With all new services we must have:

  • Department head or PI approval to spend the funds on the service, an  email confirmation is sufficient.
  • Fund number to charge the service to.
  • Knowing the port number you wish to use is helpful but we can determine that for you if necessary.
  • Extension number if moving a desk phone.


The prices for services vary based on features and are diverse enough that it will be far simpler to direct you to their rate page, NI&S Rates.  NI&S is a cost recovery division at VT and does not get university funding to provide services so to provide services they must charge for them. Data ports being the most common service we activate, the rates are as follows:

  • $80 for installation/activation of one port (includes one 15ft Ethernet cable).
  • $15 per month to keep the port active.
  • If there is not a physical port available in the area, an estimate will be required.