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Conference room 210

Zoom Room

  • No cables are necessary to connect to the screen
  • Use the iPad located on the countertop to the right as you enter the room.
  • The bar on the left hand side of the iPad allows  to start a zoom meeting or start sharing a screen from a device
  • The screen  from the device can be share, PC, apple, or android device using a web browser or the zoom app
  • LCD projector 
  • HD web cam
  • Conference phone - Incoming line:  540-231-3393


  • Conference  setup, maximum seated occupancy 16
  • Classroom setup, maximum seated occupancy 20
  • Chairs may not be taken from break rooms or labs for conference room use

Please contact ICTAS Facilities at, at least 2 days in advance if the classroom setup is needed.

210 Kelly hall



The rooms may be reserved 8:00 am- 5:00 pm including setup and cleanup.

  • This room is locked at all times. If your reservation has been approved, sign out the key from the front desk of the ICTAS Admin Suite 410 and sign it back in immediately following the reservation. The keys are in binders, labeled by room number, between the lamps on the cabinet across from the ICTAS reception desk.
  • The ICTAS suite doors lock at 5:00 pm. For reservations until 5pm, please return the key as close to 5 as possible but if the doors are locked upon return, leave the key in the drop box located on the 4rd floor across from the elevator by room 410. Note: Keys should be returned to the front desk binders in general - the drop box is for after-hours use only.


  • Per building policies, rooms must be restored to the original or better condition upon completion of your meeting. This includes placing all trash in the receptacle, adjusting tables and chairs to the appropriate position, wiping the tables, removing writing from white boards, placing all equipment in the cabinet, turning off lights, etc.
  • *If you as the requester are not part of the meeting, please appoint someone in the meeting to ensure all policies are met. If policies are not adhered to, you/the group will forfeit rights to use the conference rooms.




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