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Poster Printing


ICTAS and BEAM have a large format plotter for printing posters for official conferences and seminars.

Poster will only be printed for ICTAS Doctoral Scholars and BEAM faculty and their corresponding labs.

All posters must have an ICTAS or BEAM logo.

Printing posters

  • High quality satin paper in stock. We do not have glossy or matte paper.
  • 36 inch wide paper.
    • Posters can be of varying lengths, but at least one dimension can be no wider than 36 inches.
    • We do not have a large format paper trimmer. Removal of excess white space is your responsibility.
  • The most common poster sizes printed are 48 inches x 36 inches (Arch E) and 36 inches x 24 inches (Arch D).
  • Note: Do not use solid color backgrounds. 

Please note we require 2 business days  notice  to print a poster. Please plan accordingly!

Please send the name  of the faculty or the lab you work with  and  a PDF or Power Point file as an attachment to

  • PDF - Please preview the pdf before sending it in.
  • Power Point - Please make sure you set the page size.