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Conference room NCFL 2005/2006

Conference rooms 2005/2006 are  located on the 2nd floor of  the NCFL. The NCFL is located in the CRC at 1991 Kraft Drive.

  • 10 chairs available
  • Maximum seated ocupancy 10
  • Incoming line for room 2006: 540-231-3216


  • Per building policies, rooms must be restored to the original or better condition upon completion of your meeting. This includes placing all trash in the receptacle, adjusting tables and chairs to the appropriate position, wiping the tables, removing writing from white boards, and turning off the lights.
  • *If you as the requester are not part of the meeting, please appoint someone in the meeting to ensure all policies are met. If policies are not adhered to, you/the group will forfeit rights to use the conference rooms.

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